3 way Power Extension 3m



This Power King 3Way Socket Extension Cable is the ideal plug for all your electronics devices‎‎. It  Comes with a 8 Ft (3mts) cable,making it long enough for home,office or school.‎‎‎Made of heat resistant hard ABS plastic making it withstand overheating.
8 Feet long cable for extra reach Heat resistant hard ABS plastic to withstand over heating Safety shuttered sockets Ideal for all electrical devices Ideal for both indoor & outdoor

  • Power King Extension Socket Full copper wire
  • Heavy duty PVC cable and fire resistant material
  • Power indicator neon light
  • 3 Meters Cable Extension
  • Voltage: 250V AC, 50HZ
  • Maximum Load: 13Amp Maximum Rate: 3250watts
  • PSO Standard: SS 145, MS 589, BS 1363 Plug Standard: 13A, BS 1362, SS 167
  •  Cable Rating: 3 cores x 1.25mm
  • Long, earthed heavy duty cable
  • Fused plug
  • Child safety shutter
  • Compatible with a wide variety of plugs for different countries
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