Power Extension Lead 4 way 2m With Switch


4Way Extension Lead with Individual Switches, 13Amp Extension Cord Surge Protected Extension Cable 2M with Indicator Lights, Wall Mounted, UKCA/CE Listed, White(4Way-2Meters

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Multiple Safety Protection


  • Fireproof Material-Body of power strip is made with fireproof PC material, which has better fire-retardant performance than ABS.
  • Safety Door-Protects child from electric shocks caused by accidental contact with fingers or metal objects.
  • On/Off Overload Switch-Protect your devices from electrical short circuit, overheat, overcharging, etc.You can also turn off the button when you stop using the appliances for power energy saving.
  • Certification-Power strip extension lead are also certified by CE & ROHs & ATSA.
  • Wall Mounted Design Power Strip

    2 slots on the back can be easily mounted on a wall,desk,corner,etc

    Poke through the cover plug and then screw the extension to the wall from front with the component tools.


    1. Holes are hidden in the back with small plastic plugs in the front, just pull out the plastic plugs with screw driver.
    2. Stick the taple at the back of socket and make holes on tape aiming at holes.
    3. Stick the tape on the wall.
    4. Stick the tape on the wall aiming at the hole in the tape.
    5. Fix the extension lead firmly on the wall with screws.
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