24FE (PoE)+2GEPoE Switch


24FE (PoE)+2GEPoE Switch is a 100-megabyte unmanaged PoE switch with 24 100-megabit adaptive RJ45 ports and 2-1000megabyte uplink ports. each RJ45 port supports mdi/mdix auto flip and line speed forwarding functions. where 1–24 ports have poe power supply function, support iee 802.3af/at standard, can be used as ethernet power supply equipment, can automatically detect and identify the receiving equipment that meets the standard, and power it through the network cable. 19-inch standard rack installation, plug and play, no management, convenient and fast.
Product characteristics:
●Support IEEE 802.3af/at standard, compatible with IEEE 802.3at’s receiving equipment (PD);
●Single port output power up to 30W;
●Automatic detection and identification standard PoE electrical equipment, intelligent power supply, will not burn non-standard PoE electrical equipment or common equipment;
●Support port power priority to ensure continuous power supply to key nodes of the network;
●IEEE 802.3x full duplex flow control and Backpressure half duplex flow control;
●panel indicator to monitor working status and help fault analysis.
●Improved security mechanisms
●Line Speed Forwarding Intelligent identification
●Data exchange adopts storage-forwarding mode;
●Working temperature:0°C ~40°C
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