Fire Cable 2×1,5mm PH120 stranded 100m


These special multicore cables are used for fire resistant and circuit integrity, and essentially to protect life from smoke and noxious fumes, and where sentitive
euipment may be damaged by acid forming gases



2. Electrical charateristics 3. Technical data: 4, Standards:
Conductor D.C resistance at 20℃ Rated temperature: 90℃ EN 50200:2015 (Class PH120)
1 1.0mm2 <=19.5 Ω/Km Nominal Voltage: 300V/500V EN 60754-1:2014
2 1.5mm2 <=13.4Ω/Km Temperature range: -20°C /+ 90 °C EN 610324-2:2005+A2:2020
3 2.5mm2 <=8.0 Ω/Km Installation temperature: -5°C /+ 50 °C
4 4.0mm2 <=4.95 Ω/Km Min. bending radius: 15 x Cable O.D
5 6.0mm2 <=3.3 Ω/Km

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