3.5mm Stereo Plug-2RCA Plugs 1,5m


2xRCA plugs to 3.5mm stereo plug.
Shielded to help reduce interference.
24K gold plated connectors: cable direct RCA cables feature professional quality 24k gold plated connectors which protect the cables from corrosion while ensuring a premium connection for the best possible audio transfer


  • Versatile Audio Connectivity: This adapter cable is ideal for connecting devices with a 3.5mm audio output, like smartphones or laptops, to RCA-equipped sound systems, offering a flexible solution for your audio needs.
  • High-Quality Transmission: Ensuring a clear and uninterrupted audio signal, this cable is designed for a robust connection between your devices, delivering superior sound quality without any loss or interference.
  • Compact and Efficient Design: At a length of 6 inches, the cable is conveniently sized to avoid unnecessary tangling or clutter, making it perfect for a tidy and efficient audio setup in any space.
  • Easy Plug-and-Play Installation: The intuitive design allows for a hassle-free setup. Simply plug the 3.5mm male jack into your audio device and connect the RCA male plugs to your sound system – no additional tools or configurations required.
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